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Franco Antonetti's BLOG

Welcome to my blog I am extremely proud becoming a Naturalized American Citizen.I came to America from Rome,Italy as a ten year old,not even knowing who my Father was. I chased the American dream and raised great kids. My Son fought at Desert Storm as a Marine out of 29 Palms Tank Division. After 22 years in the Material Handling Business, he just opened up his own Material Handling Business in Arizona. My Daughter Amilya Antonetti,often seen on FOX (Hannity,O'reiley,Cavuto,Fox and Friends) and Glenn Beck, Promoting Small Business. Amilya presently has her own Radio Talk show on 77WABC every Saturday,from 1 to 3PM Eastern Time. Legal IMMIGRATION has made America GREAT!! I have been speaking at Universities,Libraries and many groups responding to the many invites,once my Memoir was Published. I am doing it,all for FREE!! My way to say THANK YOU America for the opportunity given me. A kid that could not speak a word of English,now speaks at Universities,Libraries and to our Troops as I did at Fort Belvoir. Can anyone ever imagine getting a signed letter from Justice Samuel Alito complimenting me on my Book.? Thank You. A proud Naturalized American Citizen. Franco Antonetti

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I Wouldn’t Die: A Memoir
“… a well-written narrative with a playful and whimsical sense of humor which would appeal to a large audience of readers; also we find your main character memorable; he is clever, talented, creative, and well portrayed. Best wishes and congratulations on a job well-done.”
-Ralph Ferraro, Director
The Italian American Press

Ralph Ferraro
Ralph Ferraro Directorhttp://

“Many lessons can be learned by listening and watching someone else’s journey. Each turn of the page unfolds a new adventure with rich knowledge within. My father has lived many lives in one and I am thankful I got to learn from them all.”
-Amilya Antonetti, Author of Why David Hated Tuesdays

Amilya Antonetti
Amilya AntonettiAuthor of Why David Hated Tuesdays

Franco Antonetti (Author)

Born in Rome,Italy. Came to America by way of NY at age 10. Chased the American dream. Raised a great family. Wrote Memoir I Wouldn’t Die. Visit get your copy today!